The psychological testing clinic at MWPH has the goal of gathering information from a variety of sources in order to determine the child's diagnoses. Children are typically referred for psychological testing when there are concerns raised about their behavioral, emotional or intellectual functioning in the home, school or another setting.

Psychological tests are selected to help assess the specific strengths and weaknesses of each child being evaluated, and information is typically gathered from parents/guardians, teachers and other individuals involved in the day to day life of the child. Following testing, our staff meet with the child's parents/guardians to discuss the results of testing, the child's diagnoses, and discuss recommendations to help remediate, accommodate and treat each child's specific concerns. A detailed report is generated by our staff at the feedback session to provide guidance to other professionals and individuals that will be interacting with the child.

Before testing can be scheduled, a consultation with a psychology provider is required to obtain more information about the child and to ensure that appropriate psychological tests are selected.


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