While the COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges and altered our daily lives, it has not affected the quality care we provide. We are committed to doing everything possible to care for and protect our patients, our workforce, and our community.

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Since 1922, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH) has provided innovative, interdisciplinary, and family-focused care for infants, children, teens and developmentally disabled young adults struggling with the most challenging and complex medical problems regardless of their ability to pay.

During the crisis we need your help as we seek to meet today's needs in addition to the needs that will undoubtedly grow in the weeks and months ahead. Our most urgent COVID-19 response-related needs fall into the following four categories: Equipment, Telemedicine, Community Outreach, and MWPH Employee Support.

As a specialty hospital prepared to care for and manage children in strict medical isolation, we must procure advanced ventilators, additional disinfecting cleaning products, powered air purifying personal respirators (PAPPR), N95 masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies.

Social distancing directives have elevated the urgency of telemedicine webcams, specialized testing materials for remote evaluations, expanded video communications and electronic health record (EHR) platforms, and increased financial assistance for our patients with insurance coverage gaps.

Community Outreach
Reaching beyond our hospital's walls to distribute fresh produce and nonperishable necessities to children and families who are in danger of going hungry is our responsibility.

MWPH Employee Assistance
We are committed to supporting our MWPH employee family members with free mental health consultations for the children of our staff; virtual "stress check-in" support groups and a 24/7 mental health hotline; access to free child care; funds for private transportation, and more.

To make a charitable gift online, please visit our Online Donation Form. For more information about giving, please call 410-578-5315 or email [email protected]

While MWPH is an independent 501(c)3 and separate fundraising entity, we value our strong partnership with the University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Medicine. Through this relationship, we share doctors, collaborate on clinics and welcome University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins patients for ongoing care.

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is a tax-exempt organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.