Autism Assessment and Related Therapeutic Services

Telepsychology Evaluation Service: The Autism Spectrum Center (ASC) at MWPH is now offering a new evaluation service to children aged 3 and younger via our telepsychology program. Using the TELE-ASD-PEDS developed by Vanderbilt University, our clinicians are able to administer this interactive assessment tool to identify autism spectrum symptoms in toddlers while families are in the comfort of their own homes. This measure is used as part of an evaluation that also includes a diagnostic interview, the completing of parent questionnaires, and review of any prior records the child may have. These evaluations provide a convenient way for children to be evaluated while remaining safe at home with their families and prevents the delay of waiting for an in person appointment in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that the sooner children are able to be accurately diagnosed, the sooner they can begin targeted intervention and the better their outcomes are likely to be. Parents are encouraged to contact us at 410-367-2222 for further information and to have their child scheduled.

Initial Consultations: Diagnostic interviews with children and their families to determine the appropriate clinical services.

Diagnostic Evaluations: Comprehensive evaluations including the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule -2 (ADOS-2) to determine an ASD diagnosis, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations for home and school settings.

Social Skills Groups: Group sessions for preschoolers, school age children and adolescents who have difficulties demonstrating age appropriate social skills. Sessions include parent feedback so that the skills learned in session can be generalized to other settings. Social skills groups generally are held in the late afternoon and early evening for 10 week sessions.

Individual and Family Treatment: Behavior management, cognitive behavior therapy and parent training for children, adolescents and their families affected by ASD. Support is also provided to adolescents on the autism spectrum who are transitioning to young adulthood.

Early Intervention Group – "Building Blocks": Group sessions designed for children between the ages 2 and 4 who exhibit delays in language and social skills. The program is designed to increase communication, social and school readiness skills. It also provides caregivers with training on how to use techniques and strategies at home to help generalize skills across settings.