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Help for Patients to Pay Hospital Care Costs

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If you cannot pay for all or part of your care from our hospital, you may be eligible to get free or lower cost services.

When you visit us for your child's care, we can help explain how much of the cost is covered by insurance and how much of the cost you will have to pay. You must give us all of the information about your health insurance, and we will do our best to help you. You may still need to talk to your insurance company directly about the health care services they cover. Only your insurance company can confirm what is covered. You need to be certain you completely understand your child's insurance coverage. The hospital cannot make any promises about what your insurance company covers. If your health insurance changes, you must give us the new information as soon as possible.

You will receive one bill for hospital services and a second bill for doctor services. We can offer patient financial help for hospital bills and doctor services. If you do not have insurance, we will not charge you more for hospital services than we charge people with health insurance. Usually, we will ask you to pay 1/2 of any expected costs on the first day of care, then we will divide up the rest to be paid while your child is being treated.

If you cannot pay what you owe for the health care costs of your child's care, you can apply to Mt. Washington for financial help with those costs. We will:

  1. Give you information about our financial assistance policy, and/or
  2. Offer you help with a counselor who will help you with the application.

How We Review Your Application

We will look at your ability to pay for hospital care. We look at your income and family size. You may receive free or lower costs of care if:

  1. Your income or your family's total income is low for the area where you live, or
  2. Your income falls below the federal poverty level if you had to pay for the full cost of your hospital care, minus any health insurance payments.

We offer free care if you or your family's income is below a certain amount and lower cost care if your income is a little bit higher. We also give cost discounts based on special family factors. You may receive help in the following ways:

  1. Payment Plan: You pay the full cost of care, but this option lets you make smaller payments over a longer period of time; or
  2. Patient Financial Assistance: You will not pay any costs or you will pay less than the full cost of care.

Please Note: If you can get financial help, we will tell you just how much you can get. If you are not able to get financial help, we will tell you why not. The hospital must check all patients to see if they can get Medicaid before giving their own financial help.

How to Apply For Financial Help

  1. Fill out a Financial Assistance Application Form.
  2. Give us all of your information to help us understand your financial situation.
    1. We will need information from each responsible parent/guardian of the child, including:
      1. Your last two pay stubs, and
      2. Your most recent bank statement from any/all of your bank accounts.
  3. Turn the Application Form in to us at 1708 W. Rogers Ave, Baltimore, MD 21209.

Other Helpful Information

  1. You can get a free copy of our Financial Assistance Policy and Application Form:
    • Online at mwph.org/parents/financial-assistance
    • In person at
      • The Admissions Office or Outpatient Registration desk at our main location at 1708 W. Rogers Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209 or
      • The Nursing Station or Outpatient Registration desk at our unit in UM Capital Region Medical Center, located at 901 North Harry S. Truman Drive, Largo, MD 20774.
    • By mail by sending a request to: Patient Accounting Office, MWPH, 1708 W. Rogers Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209
  2. You can call the following resources if you have questions or need help applying. You can also call if you need help in another language.
    • Mary Miller, Vice President of Finance, 410-578-5163
    • Linda Ryder, Director of Patient Accounting, 410-578-5206
    • Denise Pudinski, Director of Collaborative Care, 410-578-2669 (inpatient only)
    • Debbie Fike, Credentialing & Payer Relations, 410-578-5334
    • Shantay Whitney, Patient Access Coordinator, 410-578-2322

If you have questions about your bills or payment, please call our Patient Accounting office at 410-578-2614. To apply for health care coverage, visit www.marylandhealthconnection.gov or call 1-855-642-8572; TTY 1-855-642-8573.