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The Bill of Rights document describes the rights of you and your child while receiving care at MWPH.


The Patient and/or patient's family may communicate complaints by phone or in writing to the Patient Family Liaison. The Liason's phone number is 410-578-2651. The Liaison will investigate any referred or direct complaint. This may include an in-person meeting with the patient and/or patient's family. The decision and resolution will be communicated to the patient/family either in-person, by phone or in writing.

Compliments, Comments and Concerns

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the care given to your child, please contact our Patient Family Liaison at 410-578-2651. In addition, if you have any suggestions about the hospital that you would like to provide in writing, please fill out a Compliments, Comments and Concerns (CCC) form, which can be found at the security desk and on the nursing units. These forms can be returned to a staff member or dropped into the appropriate box on the nursing units.

Ethics Committee

Occasionally, families are asked to make difficult decisions regarding their child's care. The Ethics Committee consists of members of the staff, Board of Trustees and community, who are available to assist families and staff in this process. Ask your social worker for details.