Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH) is a specialty hospital that serves children with medically complex conditions, from birth to the age of 21. Founded in 1922, the hospital is coming close to its centennial year. Since our founding, MWPH has retooled itself to take care of a whole host of children and their illnesses.

Today, we are very contemporary in taking care of children who are medically complex and come out of pediatric or neonatal intensive care units. In 2006, we became a co-owned facility with the University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

At MWPH, we know that it takes a village to raise and heal a child. That’s why the staff are the heart and soul of our institution. They are devoted, compassionate caregivers who have dedicated their professional careers to taking care of children. They are experts in the work that they do, providing the best possible care for your child.

It’s all about the kids. That’s the reason why our staff chose to have our careers at MWPH, and that’s why we have such a tenure of employees staying here. We care about our patients; we’re here for our patients; and we do everything possible to make sure that our patients get the best care possible and go home in the best condition they can.

MWPH is uniquely positioned to take care of your child. Through our wide range of services (offered in Baltimore, in Prince George’s County and in the community), we are here to help your child heal and grow.

I hope you find the information you’re looking for on our website. Should you have any questions about our facility, our services, or our staff, please feel free to contact us.


Mary Miller
Interim CEO