Rehabilitation Careers at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

Rehab Services at MWPH were designed by our own therapists in order to provide discipline-specific supervision and improved peer review. The department's strategically designed organizational structure facilitates skill development, professional growth and internal promotion for our therapists. Not only will you be encouraged to develop specialization within your discipline, but you'll also be given the freedom to explore other areas of interest throughout the therapy spectrum.

Once you join our Rehab team, we will provide comprehensive orientation to the hospital, the department and your specific job responsibilities. You'll have the unique opportunity to work with the same patient for between three to four weeks to as long as six months, and develop a bonding relationship with the patient and their family. After your orientation and rotation, you'll be ready to confidently take on your own caseload of patients, and you'll have a solid support network right by your side.

An environment committed to your professional growth.

  • Ongoing career development opportunities
  • An internal promotion policy
  • A work environment designed by our own therapists
  • Progressive therapies and treatments unique to pediatric care

Whether you're an experienced OT, PT or SLP, or are just beginning your career in Rehabilitation, you'll find it all at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital: the chance to practice in a multidisciplinary environment; the option to work full-time or part-time, with a variety of scheduling choices; and even a premium pay rate for therapists who provide treatment outside the parameters of normal scheduling and patient load.

What Can You Expect After You Apply?

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Helping Children Help Themselves

The Child Life and Therapeutic Recreation program is an integral component of the interdisciplinary team at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, and focuses on the psychosocial, developmental and educational needs of children. Interventions to address these needs include:

  • Individualized developmentally based assessments and treatment plans
  • Medical play and procedural support
  • Community re-entry programs
  • Goal-focused therapeutic groups for infants through adolescents
  • Bedside interventions for those unable to leave their room
  • Sensory and handling experiences for preterm infants
  • Sibling support through Sibshops programs
  • Educational resources for children and families
  • School re-entry programs
  • Car seat and safety programs
  • Adapted sports and recreation programs