Our Programs

In all Weigh Smart® programs, your child will learn about healthy foods and activities. We work closely with each family to tailor treatment to your financial situation, your family dynamics, and your child's health needs. 

You'll get written feedback on your child's progress and health improvement during the program, including their weight. 

We'll ask you to stay on-site during each session and join discussions. 

Medically supervised weight management programs include: 

  • Weigh Smart® for children 8-17 years
  • Weigh Smart® Jr. for children 2-7 years
  • A bariatric surgery option is also available

Group Programs include:

  • Weigh Smart® Intensive Group - A program that starts as once a week for an hour for 4 weeks. These sessions start with lessons provided by our psychology team to build a basic foundation and set the stage for changing habits. Sessions then increase in intensity to twice per week for another 8 weeks with our nutrition and exercise staff. One two-hour evening session includes one hour of discussion and one hour of fun group exercise and the other evening session is exercise only. Ages 5-17. 
  • Weigh Smart® Jr. Group - A group program for children less than 7 years old. 
  • Weigh Forward - A program for our intensive group graduates to help them stay on track. 

Self-Paced Program: Work at your own pace with the experts you need in nutrition, physical therapy, medicine, or psychology. Ages 2-17.

Bariatric Surgery: We work with families before and after surgery to make sure your child has the best outcome.

The surgical weight management option is available to morbidly obese adolescents who are unable to lose weight through a medical weight loss program and meet certain medical criteria. The surgical weight management option is offered in collaboration with area bariatric centers with pediatric expertise.


Please call 410-578-5145 to discuss current admission criteria.