Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Weigh Smart® programs use best practices and an inter-disciplinary team for their pediatric weight management programs. Weigh Smart® program staff were selected to participate in a national taskforce convened by the Children's Hospitals Association to determine best practices for pediatric weight management, and staff keep current with research to determine the best treatment course for your child. Our program offers several comprehensive weight management options for children and adolescents ages two and up.

Weigh Smart® programs are staffed by specialists trained in pediatric weight management and includes a pediatric gastroenterologist, nurse practitioner, nurses, psychologists, dietitians, and physical therapists. You and your child are the most important part of the team and our staff recognize all family members must be involved and supportive in order for their child to succeed with weight management.

To learn more about getting started with the Weigh Smart® program, visit our enrollment page.