The goal of the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Weigh Smart® programs are to offer family centered weight management programs for children who have issues and conditions related to being overweight and/or obese. The programs focus on solutions to these issues as well attaining a healthier lifestyle for the entire family.

At your first appointment you will meet one-on-one with our team, who will help determine which programs are best for your family. During this two to three hour comprehensive visit, your child will be weighed, measured, and have their body fat analyzed. You will meet with a medical provider and pediatric dietitian, who will help your family decide on an individualized treatment plan based on what works for your child and your family.

We will look at some of the physical and emotional aspects of your child's weight issues including:

  • Behavioral - Our team will evaluate if behaviors may be contributing to your child gaining weight. We can refer you to therapists who will work with you and your child to learn how to manage these behaviors or patterns.
  • Nutritional - We will examine what meal patterns or foods may be contributing to weight gain.
  • Medical - We may recommend additional diagnostic testing to learn if there are medical issues contributing to weight gain or resulting from excess weight. These may include additional lab-work, sleep studies, x-ray imaging, physical therapy referrals or referrals to other specialists.