For Immediate Release October 13, 2022

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital: The First 100 Years chronicles the organization's evolution to meet the needs of Maryland's children and families

Baltimore, MD, October 13, 2022 — Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH), a leader in pediatric care for 100 years, is pleased to announce the release of Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital: The First 100 Years, a new book co-authored by Richard Eliasberg, the son of MWPH’s founder and Meg Fairfax Fielding, a local historian and freelance writer.

Published by Richard Eliasberg, Publisher, LLC, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital: The First 100 Years highlights the hospital’s impressive 100-year history. The book, a tribute to Mr. Eliasberg’s mother, Hortense Kahn Eliasberg, who founded the hospital at just 22 years old, was written to capture the history of the hospital while it was still fresh in his memory. Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital: The First 100 Years also recognizes “the thousands of named and unnamed volunteers and employees who over the past 100 years have improved the lives of the many patients at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital.”

In 1922, Hortense Kahn Eliasberg founded Happy Hills Convalescent Home for Children in northwest Baltimore City. The home, which served only 20 patients when it first opened, was established to provide children a safe place to recover from illness and surgery. Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital: The First 100 Years recounts how the small facility grew into the comprehensive inpatient and outpatient pediatric hospital known today as MWPH. The post-acute hospital, a jointly owned affiliate of The University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) and Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), is a trusted provider of family-focused, coordinated care to children throughout the region.

“The greatest unknown still today is how my mother, with only an idea and no funds, was able to obtain the participation and support of one of the most renowned doctors in the country, a prestigious banker and philanthropist in Maryland, and the leading theologian of his religion to start Happy Hills,” said Mr. Eliasberg. “It is remarkable to see the hospital evolve to care for more than 8,500 patients annually – all while remaining committed to the original mission of improving the health and well-being of all children, regardless of their ability to pay.”

Mr. Eliasberg was instrumental in the growth and evolution of MWPH and has supported the hospital in many capacities over the years. His efforts include supervising the endowment funds of the hospital, rejuvenating the hospital in the 1970s, being involved in the North Arundel acquisition, and promoting the sale of half of MWPH by the University of Maryland Medical System (which had previously acquired North Arundel Hospital, the sole owner of MWPH) to Johns Hopkins Medicine. In addition, he served on the board as a trustee for many years, including as chair of the hospital board, chair of the foundation, chair of the investment committee, and an Honorary Trustee.

“We are so grateful for Richard’s diligent work in capturing the history of our institution and for his continued support and passion for pushing new ideas and thinking throughout all areas of our organization,” said Sheldon Stein, President and CEO of MWPH. “Richard is Mt. Washington’s greatest ambassador, and he has truly carried on his mother’s legacy by making it possible for countless children throughout the Maryland region to heal and lead healthy lives in our community.”

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital: The First 100 Years is a 9” by 11” glossy hardcover book with over 200 pages of Baltimore’s rich history. The book, retailing for $45, is exclusively available at The Ivy Bookshop in Baltimore, Maryland and online.

For more information about MWPH’s Centennial book, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital: The First 100 Years, visit our website.

About Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital: Celebrating 100 Years

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital celebrates 100 years of providing family-focused, coordinated care to all children, including those with serious, chronic, or complex medical needs. MWPH was founded in 1922 by Hortense Kahn Eliasberg, who sought to open a home where children could safely recover from illness and surgery. Today, 100 years stronger, the hospital treats more than 8,500 patients each year, helping them to heal, grow, and learn the skills that lead to happier, more independent lives. The 102-bed hospital is a jointly owned affiliate of the University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Medicine with locations in the Mt. Washington section of Baltimore City, Prince George’s County, Harford County, via telehealth, and in the community. For more information, please visit