For Immediate Release January 26, 2022

group of 1920s Happy Hills patients

BALTIMORE, MD (January 26) – Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH), a leader in pediatric care for more than 100 years, has officially kicked off its centennial year. The post-acute hospital, a jointly owned affiliate of The University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) and Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), is a trusted provider of family-focused, coordinated care to all children, including those with serious, chronic, and complex medical conditions.

In 1922, Hortense Kahn Eliasberg founded Happy Hills Convalescent Home for Children in northwest Baltimore City. Happy Hills, serving only 20 patients at the time, was established to provide children a home to safely recover from illness and surgery. 100 years later, that small facility has grown into the comprehensive inpatient and outpatient pediatric hospital known as MWPH. Today, the hospital provides care for more than 8,500 patients annually and remains committed to Mrs. Eliasberg’s mission of improving the health and well-being of all children, regardless of their ability to pay.

“Our centennial is a time to pause and celebrate the significant impact our hospital has had on the children we’ve helped recover and heal, the evolution of our pediatric treatment and care, and the community we continuously serve,” said Sheldon Stein, MWPH President and CEO. “The dedicated and committed staff of this hospital have always provided exceptional care for the children in our region.”

From the hospital’s early days of treating malnourishment and rheumatic fever to current societal issues plaguing Baltimore such as gun violence, neonatal abstinence syndrome, and long-term effects of COVID-19, MWPH has evolved to meet the needs of children and families in this region for 100 years. For many economically disadvantaged families across the state of Maryland, MWPH is a vital source of medical care with roughly 75% of inpatients bearing no financial responsibility for their stay.

With MWPH’s unique coordinated care approach, all members of the child’s medical team, including behavioral health staff, meet with families together to collaborate on diagnosis, consultation, and treatment. The hospital also utilizes innovative techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and other dynamic programs including a nationally recognized feeding center, simulation lab training for parents, pain management methods, and an on-site facility dog.

“Over the past 100 years, we’ve achieved countless milestones and innovations in pediatric medicine powered by our dedicated, passionate doctors and staff, along with our UMMS and JHM partnership,” said Dr. Richard M. Katz, Chief Medical Officer and VP of Medical Affairs at MWPH. “There is no other hospital in the country with this type of ownership, where two world-class medical facilities come together for the purpose of providing families the best medical care possible. Our team collaborates with UMMS and JHM, providing a continuum of care for patients who are transferred from their intensive care units to our hospital so that they can heal and lead healthy lives in the community.”

MWPH has locations in Baltimore City, Prince George’s County, Harford County, via Telehealth, and throughout the community. The hospital works closely with schools, local government, Head Start programs, faith-based organizations, youth and family services, and more, to provide critical services to the community and serve Maryland’s most vulnerable children and their families.

In recent years, MWPH has made significant improvements to its West Rogers main campus, including the most recent expansion and renovation of the Jack & Mae Rosenberg Outpatient Center. The project was funded by The Hope Heal Grow Centennial Campaign, the largest campaign in hospital history with a goal to raise $15 million by December 31, 2022. The donations will be used to expand and grow the hospital and invest in the future of Maryland’s children through the funding of new programs and innovative technologies.

MWPH’s centennial will be marked with an internal staff kickoff on January 27. The 1920s-themed celebratory event for the hospital’s more than 600 staff members will include banners around campus and the immediate area, free breakfast, branded giveaways, and more. Staff at the main campus and satellite locations will kick off the centennial year together.

Recently, MWPH unveiled a new sign southbound off of I-83, which serves as a commemoration of its centennial and its ever-present role in the community. Over the next 12 months, the hospital will honor its centennial with a series of events and initiatives including: a Founder's Day celebration; Women's History Month; the book release of "Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital: The First 100 Years;" the Centennial Ball; and the 25th anniversary of providing care in Prince George's County.

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About Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital: Celebrating 100 Years
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital celebrates 100 years of providing family-focused, coordinated care to all children, including those with serious, chronic, or complex medical needs. MWPH was founded in 1922 by Hortense Kahn Eliasberg, who sought to open a home where children could safely recover from illness and surgery. Today, 100 years stronger, the hospital treats more than 8,500 patients each year, helping them to heal, grow, and learn the skills that lead to happier, more independent lives. The 102-bed hospital is a jointly owned affiliate of the University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Medicine with locations in Baltimore City, Prince George's County, Harford County, via Telehealth, and in the community. For more information, please visit