For Immediate Release November 08, 2018


Andy Wayne:

MWPH rededicates unit as Sheila S. and Lawrence C. Pakula Center for Infant Specialty Care to celebrate donation for growth of outpatient services

Baltimore, MD (November 8)- Today, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital celebrated the rededication of the Sheila S. and Lawrence C. Pakula Center for Infant Specialty Care. Formerly known as the Center for Pediatric and Neonatal Transitional Care, the unit provides nurturing, specialized care to infants born premature or with complex medical needs.

Lawrence C. Pakula, MD and his late wife, Sheila, have supported MWPH for more than 30 years. Dr. Pakula has served on the hospital board since 1996, including a term as board president. And this year, Dr. Pakula chose to make a transformative gift to support the hospital's expansion of the Rosenberg facility, where outpatient services are located.

As a pediatrician for 50 years, Dr. Pakula knows first-hand the important role that MWPH plays in caring for children. "Logistically, and within the context of the healthcare system, MWPH is exceptionally important to the pediatric community," he said. "Once kids no longer need the intensive kind of care available at Hopkins or University of Maryland, MWPH provides the kind of specialized care they need."

"Dr. Pakula has been a wonderful supporter of MWPH for several decades," said Sheldon J. Stein, the hospital's president and CEO. "We are so grateful to him, not only for his generosity, but for the many years of guidance and expertise he has provided as a board member."

Thanks in part to Dr. Pakula's gift, the Rosenberg Outpatient Center will be expanded by 50 percent to accommodate patient demand in behavioral health, primary care, and other important clinic areas. The hospital plans to break ground on the construction in March, and the entire process is expected to take 10 to 12 months. When the process is complete, thousands more children each year will be able to benefit from outpatient services at MWPH.

"I've known Dr. Pakula for 40 years, and he and his late wife, Sheila, have always been very generous, with particular interest in supporting the care of children, especially newborns," said Ron Peterson, president emeritus, Johns Hopkins Health System and former MWPH board member. "MWPH is very fortunate to have someone of his stature so intimately involved, supporting the care and well-being of children and their families on so many different levels."

Meanwhile, excellent care will continue at the newly rededicated Pakula Center, where infants receive the care they need to thrive – and ultimately, to return home with their families.

"The demand for MWPH services is great, and this expansion project is a worthwhile expenditure," Dr. Pakula said. "It's the sort of thing that you hope will happen when you make a contribution to an institution. I'm very happy to be able to help MWPH bring its special brand of care to more of the region's children."


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