The goal of occupational therapy is to facilitate the patient’s optimal level of function in all activities of daily living, including:

  • Self-care
  • Feeding
  • Home and community living skills
  • Leisure activities
  • Pre-vocation education

The primary objective is to improving all performance components of activities of daily living. This includes neuromuscular, oral motor and feeding, sensory, sensorimotor, cognitive, psychosocial and therapeutic adaptations.

We provide consultation and education, regarding splints, self-care, educational needs, positioning and assistive equipment, range of motion and more.

Who Might See a Pediatric Occupational Therapist?

Children with:

  • Developmental delays
  • Fine motor or visual perceptual motor deficits
  • Handwriting difficulties
  • Vestibular rehab for coordination difficulties or post-concussion
  • Visual-ocular-motor problems
  • Sensory processing/integrative disorders
  • Birth injuries
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries 
  • Decreased strength and endurance
  • Oral motor and/or feeding problems for infants and children
  • Autism
  • Pervasive developmental disorders
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Brachial plexus injuries

For More Information

Please contact Julie Quinn, Director of Rehabilitation Services, [email protected].

Outpatient appointments and program referrals can be made by calling 410-367-2222.


Occupational therapy is offered in Baltimore City and Harford County at:

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Main Campus
1708 West Rogers Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209-4596

Mt. Washington Pediatric Community Rehabilitation Services
Forest Hill Industrial Air Park
138 Industry Lane, Unit 5A
Forest Hill, MD 21050