At Mt Washington Pediatric Hospital our rehabilitation and physical medicine team offers classes and events to help you bring home the skills and support resources that are available here. 

Infant Massage

This therapeutic, relaxing way for parent and child to communicate and bond forms a loving bond that enhances a child's physical and emotional growth. Classes teach families techniques that can calm and relax their infant and soothe upset tummies. Parents learn how to read the cues their babies are giving them.

Teaching is available upon request of the family.


This wonderful program provides a comfortable and fun environment to meet other brothers and sisters of children with special needs. This program allows children to share the positives and negatives of having a sibling with special needs as well as provides coping strategies and educational tools to the children so they can learn to adapt to common experiences more easily.

At Sibshops, children who have a sibling with special needs play fun, new games and participate in activities that promote team-building, self-awareness, a positive self-image, disability awareness and discussions about the joys and challenges of having a sibling with special needs.

A common question parents ask is if they are allowed to stay if their child is nervous. Parents are welcome to stay for the first trickle-in activity (which is usually a ball game) until their child is comfortable. Sibshops is a time for your child to meet new friends and talk about different issues that they may not feel comfortable discussing if their parent or someone else's parents are present. If there are any significant concerns we observe, we will communicate this with you. Otherwise, this is a time for this child to focus on themselves and most importantly, to have fun with other children they can relate to.

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Special Families Unite

This support group at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is for families of children with special needs. Child care is available, and a meal is provided for parents and caregivers.

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