Photo of the Lares

The Lare family have been dedicated MWPH supporters since 2000, and Clark spent several years serving on the Mt. Washington Pediatric Foundation board. 

Clark and Jodi share their reasons for making a planned gift to MWPH:

“One of the best things about giving to MWPH is that the distance between your contribution and its life-changing impact is so short. At MPWH, every dollar matters. Just as every patient matters to the hospital’s dedicated team, every gift makes a real and measurable difference. The immediacy of the impact it’s possible to make by giving to MWPH is unparalleled.

That’s why, when it came time to formalize our wills and think about our estate planning, we chose to include MWPH. We wanted to ensure that the Lare family’s love for, and commitment to, MWPH extended beyond our lifetimes. It feels great to know that we can continue to support the hospital well into the future.”