Nursing Training and Development

As one of the premier children's facilities in the Mid-Atlantic, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital consistently provides the very best in pediatric specialty care. Our leading-edge technologies and treatments draw patients from throughout the region and across the nation, and we rely on our expert team of nurses to consistently deliver the optimal level of care.

In order to ensure our reputation as a best-in-class pediatric facility, we offer exclusive training and development programs for our nurses. Our simulation-based in-house Grow Your Own pediatric specialty nursing training program for all new nursing personnel and Stepping Stones program for new RN graduates build on the initial education of new staff and prepares them to provide exceptional care to our special patient population.

Bring your commitment and determination, and we'll bring your knowledge, skills and talents to the next level.

Stepping Stones

The Stepping Stones program at MWPH is a grant-funded program designed to educate, support and sustain new nurses as they transition into their first professional role as a pediatric nurse. Throughout the first two years, program attendees participate in classes with their nursing peers.

The focus of Stepping Stones sessions include:

  • Development of specific skills and competencies needed in caring for the specialty pediatric patient population at MWPH
  • Development of professional commitment and sense of belonging
  • Mastery of critical thinking, time management and attention to best practices in patient care

Grow Your Own

Pediatric specialty care nursing is an art all its own. MWPH's Grow Your Own program is an intensely focused curriculum designed to train our nurses in areas that are specific to the pediatric care discipline. Our program incorporates all levels of nursing professionals, from new graduates-the future of nursing-to recently retired RNs with a wealth of experience, recruited back into the workforce, or experienced nurses without a pediatric background who are interested in pediatric specialty care nursing.

Our Grow Your Own program is focused on:

  • Improving pediatric specialty clinical knowledge, including pathophysiology
  • Developing competent technical skills to improve patient outcomes
  • Facilitating critical thinking and interdisciplinary team communication
  • Encouraging engagement and a sense of belonging
  • Meeting the learning needs of assistant nursing personnel through basic education and precepted hands-on interdisciplinary training
  • Rotations with a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist and a child life specialist; these hands-on experiences reinforce classroom learning and allow for close observation and guidance of new staff

Program Design

Modules consist of didactic presentations by both in-house and guest expert speakers, case presentations with SimBaby and hands-on skills training on the patient care unit to accommodate the full range of adult learner needs.

Program Evaluation

Involves initial observations and feedback from new employees who have graduated from the program, preceptors and supervisory staff. This evaluation process allows us to look at the impact and effectiveness of the Grow Your Own program.

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