Our Programs

We have a variety of services that range from individual therapy to the Feeding Day Treatment Program to suit your child’s needs.

Feeding Clinic

The Feeding Clinic is an interdisciplinary team of practitioners including a pediatric gastroenterologist, nurse practitioners, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and dietitians. A complete assessment and medical, nutritional, and therapy recommendations are provided.

Feeding Day Treatment Program

The Feeding Day Treatment Program is a six week program providing intense feeding intervention. Located in a specially-designed area of the hospital, children receive three treatment meals per day. Parents may observe all meal through a video monitor. Children participate in free play, structured play and nap time between therapy meals in the feeding day playroom. Additional activities may include school services, sensory motor group, visits from therapy pets, and rehabilitation treatment from OT, PT, SLP. Children are followed by the feeding team in the Feeding Follow-up Clinic after discharge.

Inpatient Services

Inpatient services are arranged for selected hospitalized MWPH patients. Feeding services include infant feeding, and treating children who have complex medical needs such as post surgical, burns, injuries or trauma.

Outpatient Services

Specialty Clinics such as GI, pulmonary and nutrition are available. Single provider therapy from OT/SLP or psychology or a combined behavioral and oral motor approach is available. Outpatient group program is available for children with food selectivity.


Most insurance companies cover the costs of these services to varying degrees. Our insurance specialists will work with you and your insurance company.