Our Approach to Treatment and Assessment

Our goal is to work with you to provide the methods and knowledge of how to safely feed your child with the right foods and nutrition at each stage of your child’s development.

At your first appointment, we will gather information to better understand what you are experiencing at home. During a clinical appointment you will meet with a team of specialists (physician, nurse practitioners, dietitian, occupational therapist,  behavioral psychologist, and speech-language pathologist) who will assess the feeding problem utilizing their specialty and then work as a team to develop a plan of care.

We will look at some physical and emotional aspects of your child’s feeding problem.

  • Oral motor – how does your child move food in their mouth and swallowing abilities
  • Behavioral – motivating your child to eat and reducing stress around meal times
  • Nutrition – what is your child eating currently?
  • Medical – may recommend diagnostic testing to learn if there are medical issues impacting eating such as allergy testing, swallow study (VFSS), Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)

Suggested Treatment Plan

At the end of our assessment we will be able to recommend a treatment program that is best suited for you and your child.