• Adaptive Equipment and Seating

    Therapists and rehab equipment vendors assess your child's individual positioning and equipment needs including but not limited to wheelchairs, adaptive strollers, walkers, standers and bath chairs.
  • Alternative Communication Evaluations

    Physical Rehabilitation therapists seek to find alternative methods of communication
  • Aquatic Therapy

    This therapy uses water and its properties to perform therapeutic exercise and treatment.
  • Audiology

    Audiology Services at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
  • Child Life and Therapeutic Recreation

    The Child Life and Therapeutic Recreation Therapists work collaboratively to promote the optimum development of infants, children and adolescents and to minimize psychological trauma of hospitalization and illness.
  • Cognitive Programming

    The therapeutic activities provided in the program help children who are coping with cognitive impairments that affect their orientation, planning and organization, problem solving and reasoning, memory and attention as a result of sustaining a brain injury.
  • Comprehensive Program for Feeding Disorders

    Overview of the Pediatric Feeding Disorder Treatment Program at MWPH in Baltimore

  • Function Can Be Fun

    The Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital "Function Can Be Fun" Program provides evaluation and direct skilled intervention for children who suffer with asymmetrical hand usage from various diagnoses, such as cerebral palsy, neurological impairments, traumatic brain injury, strokes and brachial plexus palsy injuries. 
  • Infant Massage

    Classes teach families techniques to calm and relax their infant, techniques that can soothe upset “tummies”, and how to read the cues your infant is giving you. This type of massage encourages parent/child bonding.
  • Keyboarding

    This program promotes fine motor skills necessary for using a keyboard, through personalized therapy and multi-sensory techniques.
  • Occupational Therapy

    The goal of therapy services is to facilitate the patient's optimal level of function in all activities of daily living, (ADL), including self-care, home and community living skills, leisure and pre-vocation/education.
  • Physiatry

    Physiatry, also known as Physical Medicine provides comprehensive evaluation and management of the medical and physical problems associated with pediatric onset disabilities.

  • Physical Therapy

    The overall goal of physical therapy services is to maximize each patient's status and functional mobility to facilitate reintegration into their home and community environment.

  • Sibshops

    Sibshops is a spirited mix of new games, new friends and discussion activities for siblings of children in families when one of them has special needs. Classes are scheduled throughout Maryland.
  • Speech and Language Pathology

    The goal of these services is to maximize each patient's communication and oral-motor functioning status so that he/she will have use of the most efficient communication and/or feeding program.

  • Splinting and Casting

    Most children's hand fractures heal fine with simple methods, like buddy taping, splinting or casting. Some require surgery.
  • Sports Injuries

    A clinic committed to both the treatment of current sports injuries and education to prevent future injuries. Our knowledgeable staff can cover the entire spectrum of rehabilitation of our children into a stronger healthier individual.