Patient Outcomes: Inpatient Rehabilitation

At Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital's inpatient rehabilitation facility, we are dedicated to getting your child home quicker and with more functional independence. Below is a glimpse at our most recent patient outcomes for our inpatient rehabilitation facility compared to other similar facilities.

The following data was collected between April - June 2017. Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is compared to similar freestanding pediatric rehabilitation hospitals.

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital received children with a wide variety of impairments following surgeries or traumatic injuries this quarter. The length of time from onset to admission to rehabilitation continues to be lower than similar hospitals; approximately 11.7 days from onset compared to 41.1 days from onset for similar hospitals.

Go Home Faster


Our goal here at Mt. Washington is for parents and caregivers to be fully ready to care for their child at home in their community. Here is a look at the average length of stay to reach that goal.

We know that your number one goal is to bring your child home. At Mt. Washington Pediatric hospital we share that goal with you.


A test called the functional independence measure (WeeFIM®) is used to determine the amount of progress a patient makes during their inpatient stay. The higher the score the more improvement the child has shown.

Outpatient appointments and program referrals can be made by calling 410-367-2222.