Supplemental Life Insurance
Employees may purchase additional life insurance in amounts equal to one or two times their salary, up to $400,000, at discounted rates.

Flexible Spending Account
MWPH offers all eligible employees access to a pre-tax spending account for health and dependent care expenses, which provides end-of-year tax savings.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance
Providing eligible employees with income continuation protection, these benefits pay 60% of the employee’s weekly base salary to a maximum amount(STD), and 60% of monthly base salary to a maximum amount.

Group Term Life Insurance
This 100% employer paid benefit provides coverage equal to the employees annual salary, with a maximum benefit of up to $400,000.

403(b) Tax Deferred Savings Plan
Pre-tax contributions are permitted up to IRS limits. Eligible employees may participate in the MWPH tax-deferred voluntary retirement plan.

Tuition Assistance
MWPH will reimburse the cost of tuition on approved courses taken at accredited colleges.

529 College Savings Plan
This program enables individuals to save and invest on a tax-favored basis in order to fund future college and graduate school expenses for a child or beneficiary.

Credit Union
All MWPH employees are eligible to participate in the Point Breeze Credit Union.