The new Ability Center at
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

Welcome to Maryland's Newest State-of-the-Art Rehabilitation Facility!


I Am Able.
At Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital we are committed to helping your child reach their fullest potential while maximizing their health and independence. The Ability Center is home to some of Maryland's most innovative technology to help our young patients heal and grow.


The more than 4,000 square foot facility is centrally located on the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital campus to meet the diverse needs of our inpatients and outpatients. An interdisciplinary pediatric team will maximize the patient's participation in play, sport, and family recreation by providing specialized therapeutic strategy and equipment. The unique characteristics of the Ability Center offer our therapists the opportunity to choose the space that best fits the individual patient's needs. Our therapists can provide services including dry needling, Schroth, Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) and concussion testing and monitoring in the specialized spaces of the Ability Center. 


Open gym in the Ability Center

As you enter the Ability Center, you will find specialized equipment and leading-edge technology dedicated to the needs of children with complex medical conditions or those who are recovering from injury or illness. The Bioness Vector is located in the large open gym of the Ability Center and it provides dynamic weight support so patients can safely build balance, walking skills, and practice activities of daily living. To date, MWPH has the only pediatric Vector system in Maryland. 


Other new equipment located in the Ability Center include the Bioness Integrated Therapy System, which is a software platform that helps with visual, motor, cognitive, and balance-related rehabilitation and a new gait analysis tool from ProtoKinetics. This new system provides vital information about how patients are using their legs and feet while walking or crawling, with an easy-to-understand visualization component that enables family members and patients to see their progress over time.


The specialized spaces and interdisciplinary service delivery found in our Ability Center will support the recovery and development of our patients of all ages. 





In addition to standard pediatric rehabilitation equipment, the Ability Center features a number of specialized spaces:

 Ability Center List




"My goal for every child who comes to the Ability Center at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is that they will be able to play, learn, and participate with family and friends in their community. This specialized space offers our skilled clinicians many tools to uniquely meet the individual needs of our patients and ultimately, meet the goals of all the children and families we serve in our community." 

- Julie Quinn, PT, MSEd, Director of Rehabilitation, MWPH



Green family


The staff at MWPH came together, like a small village, to help us and our child. It was a safe and positive place for Camden. Everyone is so kind and genuine —they treated Camden like he was their own child. Their desire is to see the kids be successful— the therapists are encouraging, knowledgeable, and really wonderful at their job.The environment feels like a family.”

- Christen and Torri Green, Camden's parents