Alison Cohen, Chair

It is no secret that Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is a special place. From the moment I stepped foot on campus I wanted to do whatever I could to support the children and the families at MWPH. I have served in many leadership roles including auction chair, gala chair, and foundation board trustee but serving as the campaign chair for the HOPE HEAL GROW: CENTENNIAL CAMPAIGN is truly an honor. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for the hospital by helping to shine a light on their incredible work over the past 100 years and to garner support from our local community and beyond. I hope you will join me by supporting this campaign so together we can ensure there is more hope, more healing and more growing for every child in our community.


Alison Cohen, Chair 

Campaign Executive Committee

Alison Cohen, Chair

Board Division

Lauren Perlin, Chair

Community and Friends Division

Rebecca Cohen
Talia Greenwald
Chris Mason-Hale
Veida McCampbell, Co-Chair
Erinne O’Brien
Sam Oshrine
Hayley Evans Polansky
Kristina Meier
Kathy Raskin
Leonard Raskin
Karen Rosenberg
Courtney Shampaine
Bailey Susic
Alyssa Williams, Honorary Co-Chair
Brandon Williams, Honorary Co-Chair

Corporate and Foundations Division

Matthew L. Cohen, Co-Chair
Benjamin Greenwald
Heather Hoffman
Jessica Markison
Blake Sheehan, Co-Chair
David Volosov

Honorary Division

Richard Eliasberg, Co-Chair
Sonya Goodman
Sandra D. Hess
Phyllis Meyerhoff
Lawrence Pakula*, MD, Co-Chair
Ronald Peterson 
Beryl Rosenstein, MD 
Hanan “Bean” Sibel
Roslyn Stoler, Co-Chair

Staff Division

Mike Allen, Co-Chair 
Venetta Conley, Co-Chair
Chrissie Heimer, RN Co-Chair
Harper Johnston, PhD, Co-Chair

Mt. Washington Pediatric Foundation Board

Beth Armacost, Chair
Gregory Armstrong
Ann Eliasberg Betten, Past Chair
Rachel Bloom
Andrea Brown-Gee, MA, 1st Vice Chair
Benjamin Carson, Jr.
Warren Chambers
Alison Cohen
Matthew L. Cohen, Past Chair
Kevin Conklin
Travis Ganunis, MD, FAAP
James Gordon
Benjamin Greenwald
Dan Joerres, Past Chair
Thomas J. New
Edward L. Perl, MD, FAAP
Lauren Perlin, Past Chair
Nirav G. Shah, MD, FCCP, 2nd Vice Chair
Blake Sheehan, Treasurer
Sheldon J. Stein, Ex-Officio
Roslyn Stoler, Secretary
Fred Wolf, III, Esq., Past Chair

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Board of Trustees

S. Tracy Coster, Past Chair
Steven J. Czinn, MD, Vice Chair
Karen E. Doyle, MBA, MS, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN
W. Christopher Golden, MD
David Hackam, MD, PhD, Chair
Cynthia Kelleher, MBA, MPH
Peter Mancino
Mark R. Marcantano, JD
Margaret Moon, MD, MPH
Beryl Rosenstein, MD, Past Chair
Kevin Sowers, MSN, RN, FAAN
Roslyn Stoler
Mohan Suntha, MD, MBA
Fred Wolf, III, Esq., Past Chair
Beth Armacost, Ex-Officio