In the Community

Guidelines and Application for Holding a Fundraising Event in the Community

Thank you for your interest in raising funds for Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH). We greatly appreciate your philanthropic support of MWPH’s mission to maximize the health and independence of our patients through comprehensive and integrated healthcare services. 

Although the hospital encourages third party fundraising, we must approve all events and campaigns in advance. An individual or organization who intends to promote an event to benefit MWPH must:

Download the Guidelines for planning and executing a fundraising event in the community. Please also refer to our Toolkit for Hosting a Community Event and read and follow the guidelines carefully.

MWPH must approve all such events in advance. Please complete and submit your application to the MWPH Development office, allowing 3 to 5 business days for a response.

You may submit your application in the following ways:

Paula Bragg
Director of Philanthropy
Office: (410) 578-5315
Fax: (410) 367-0937

[email protected]

Once again, thank you for supporting the programs and services of Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. 

If you have any questions regarding holding a fundraising event in the community, please call 410-578-5315.