Frequently Asked Questions

Parent's Most Asked Questions

Two happy children

When can I visit my child?

Parents and grandparents may visit their children at anytime, and caregivers may make overnight accommodations. Other visitors are welcome from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. During cold and flu season, however, there may be limitations on the visitation of brothers and sisters younger than seven years of age.

Is there a doctor available all the time?

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital has 24-hour on-site pediatric coverage. We have an interdisciplinary team of 105 pediatric specialists who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to each child.

Will my child get rehab everyday?

Your child will be scheduled for rehab depending upon his or her individual needs. The therapists and physician will assess your child and determine the frequency of rehab services necessary for his or her best outcome.

Will I receive help once my child arrives home?

Our care team will help you coordinate with caregivers in your community or arrange follow-up care at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital through your primary care physician.

Can I tour the hospital?

Absolutely. Most parents find taking a tour of our facility to be very helpful. You may arrange a tour by calling our Admissions Office at 410-578-2600.

Why should my child come to Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital?

As a specialty hospital, we provide care for children with very specific needs. The physician who referred you to Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital understands that we possess the expertise and resources best suited to care for your child. We have a child-friendly atmosphere and a staff of pediatricians, nurses and technicians dedicated to providing treatment to your child in a loving and caring environment. In addition, some of our other amenities include an on-campus school to keep children current with their studies and 16 pastoral acres to aesthetically enhance your child's stay.