"For all she's been through, she's a very happy child." - Nicole, Kayleigh's mother

Born more than three months prematurely and weighing just 11.64 ounces, Kayleigh Klatt is Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital's tiniest patient ever. In fact, she is the smallest baby born in Maryland to leave the hospital and continue to survive.

Kayleigh was a miracle baby from before she took her very first breath on New Year's Day 2014. Due to her mother's severe preeclampsia and Intrauterine Growth Restriction, Kayleigh was unable to gain critical weight gain in utero. Physicians had doubted that she would survive during the pregnancy.

But her parents trusted their instincts and the medical treatment she received. In fact, the tiny tot would spend almost the entire first year of her life in three hospitals undergoing four surgeries before going home. Even then, she’d still be on a ventilator, have a tracheostomy tube and require constant care. Kayleigh's weight continued to grow, and in 5 months she weighed 5 pounds – an incredible weight gain for such a tiny start.

Today, Kayleigh is a normal height and weight for her age. With help from the Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital team, Kayleigh has developed fine motor skills and learned how to eat real foods. She is a picture-perfect example of patients who heal and grow at MWPH.

Her mother describes Kayleigh as sassy, energetic and adventurous. She loves puzzles, books and the playground.

“No matter where we go, she always has a smile on her face. For all she’s been through, she’s a very happy child.”

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