EDT (Early Detection Team) Clinic:

CEREBRAL PALSY (CP) is the most common motor disability in childhood, affecting half a million American children today. CP is caused by a brain injury or abnormal brain development before, during, or right after birth. It causes problems with motor function, including movement, coordination, and balance. Previously, a diagnosis of CP could not be made until a child was about 2 years old. But now, there are tools that can be used to assess infants and identify children at high risk of CP a year earlier. MWPH’s Early Detection Team (EDT) clinic, opening in the first half of 2022, aims to do just that.

Who are we -The Early Detection Team at Mt Washington Pediatric Hospital is an Interdisciplinary team of therapists (OT and PT) and physicians (Physiatrist and Developmental Pediatrician) who identify infants at risk for Cerebral Palsy. Our team of experts provides early diagnosis of cerebral palsy to assist in providing early access to services and support. With early intervention, children can maximize their independence and minimize the chance of developing additional CP related medical challenges.

“With these new assessment tools, supported by high-quality MRI scans, we can look at a child’s movement patterns and make some very good predictions about what that child’s risk is for developing CP in the future,” said Ajoke Ajayi-Akintade, MD, FAAP, MWPH’s assistant medical director

Who we serve -We follow infants up to age 1 year who have been identified as having increased risk of CP and motor delay/impairment:

We see infants

  1. With IVH (Intraventricular Hemorrhage of Grade 3 and Grade 4)
  2. With history of PVL (periventricular leukomalacia)
  3. With history of HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy)
  4. Who are Premature/ELBW (Extremely Low Birth weight)
  5. With poor/delayed/concerning motor skills


Scope of services – During your appointment your child will receive a comprehensive evaluation of neurological, motor and developmental functioning. All of the team members are certified in CP assessment, and each brings unique expertise to help the child and family navigate the way forward. In addition to assessing the child for CP, the team educates families, provides counseling about treatments needed, and gives families a roadmap of what to expect as they manage this lifelong condition. Families leave the EDT clinic with an assessment, a game plan, and referrals to additional support, resources, and services they may need. After a year of age, the team transitions care to the appropriate resources depending on the outcome of your child’s assessment and needs at that time.

“Identifying early means initiating services early, and we’re able to support the family early on as well,” said Stephen Nichols, MD, FAAP, FAAPMR, senior attending physician, rehabilitation services at MWPH. “The earlier we know, the earlier we can start CP-specific treatment. This gives us the potential to make a real impact” on long-term outcomes.

Our Interdisciplinary Treatment Team

Physical Therapist- Nicole Sanchez, PT, MPT, GMA certified 

Occupational Therapist- Brendan Russell, OT, GMA certified 

Physiatrist- Dr Stephen Nichols, MD, FAAP, FAAPMR, GMA certified

Developmental Pediatrician- Dr. Ajoke Ajayi-Akintade, MD, FAAP, MOH, GMA certified   

Contact Information:

To schedule appointments: 410-367-2222


Fax Number: 410-466-4311


Mt Washington Pediatric Hospital

Outpatient Clinic- Rosenberg Building

1708 West Rogers Ave.

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