For Immediate Release November 11, 2019

BALTIMORE, MD (November 11) - Sixteen doctors who are affiliated with Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH) were recognized as "Top Doctors" in the November 2019 issue of Baltimore magazine.

These doctors include:

  •     Dr. Samra Blanchard, Pediatric Gastroenterology;
  •     Dr. Alicia Chaves, General Pediatric Surgery;
  •     Dr. Bernard Cohen, Pediatric Dermatology;
  •     Dr. David Cooke, Pediatric Endocrinology;
  •     Dr. Dean Fiergang, Pediatric Ophthalmology;
  •     Dr. Teri Kahn, Pediatric Dermatology;
  •     Dr. Peggy Lazerow, Pediatric Neurology;   
  •     Dr. Sharon McGrath-Morrow, Pediatric Pulmonology;
  •     Dr. Ryan Miller, Pediatric Endocrinology;
  •     Dr. Peter Mogayzel, Pediatric Pulmonology;
  •     Dr. Michael Repka, Pediatric Ophthalmology;  
  •     Dr. Geoffrey Rosenthal, Pediatric Cardiology;
  •     Dr. Paul Sponseller, Pediatric Orthopedics;
  •     Dr. Laura Sterni, Pediatric Sleep Medicine;
  •     Dr. Dylan Stewart, Pediatric Surgery;   
  •     Dr. Eric Strauch, General Pediatric Surgery

The results are based on a Baltimore magazine survey of thousands of physicians in the Baltimore area, including Baltimore City and the surrounding seven counties, asking where they would send a member of their family in hundreds of specialties. Many doctors would choose to send their loved ones to the medical team at MWPH.

"Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is honored to have so many “Top Docs” providing their expertise to our hospital,” said Dr. Richard Katz, Chief Medical Officer, MWPH. "The health and independence of the children we serve is our top priority, and these doctors and others help us achieve that goal. Our partner hospitals, University of Maryland Children's Hospital and Johns Hopkins Children's Center, join our own MWPH doctors to provide the highest level of pediatric health care. They are able to collaborate across specialty lines of care that cannot be accomplished elsewhere."

Get to know the "top doctors" at MWPH, or call 410-367-2222 to make an appointment with some of these doctors at one of our pediatric clinics.

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