Jason Wong

Photos: Slide show showing Jason's weight loss from June 2009 to October 2011.

Jason at 13 years old was a self-professed "couch potato." As a result of being overweight, he had developed fatty liver disease, and was at risk for diabetes and high cholesterol.

Concerned, his doctor referred him to the Weigh Smart® program at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. After listening to the health professionals talk about the serious consequences of obesity, Jason vowed to change his eating and activity habits. He began working out five days a week and eating better - sticking to a meal plan developed with the Weigh Smart® dietitian.

As a result of his hard work, Jason has lost more than 40 pounds. He attributes the weight loss to the improved diet and exercise habits he learned in the program. What's more, Jason has more self-confidence and pride, acting as an ambassador for healthy habits--he was even featured on WBAL-TV!

Update: August 2012

Jason Wong
Jason Wong, August 2012

Jason had a break out year in swimming, earning the 2012 York Award, which recognizes a senior swimmer who exemplifies leadership on his team. Jason also had an Olympic moment of his own in the 13-14 age group medley relay. Entering the water as the last swimmer, he powered on to bring his relay team to a second place finish in the Harford Swim League Championship meet.

Jason also coached a group of 6 and under swimmers, all of whom greatly improved throughout the season. Jason's mother Sue says they can't thank Mt. Washington enough for helping to put his life back on track.

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