"My son is in a place where the people understand and care about him." - Priscila Rodriguez, Mother

Ian, 4, began to show behavioral problems at a very young age. He was frustrated, aggressive, self-injurious, and had limited communication and language skills. Hewas fearful and displayed repetitive behaviors.

His mother Priscila Rodriguez, desperate and confused, wanted answers. Her doctor recommended Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH)’s Pediatric Psychology.

The Division of Pediatric Psychology at MWPH has a full complement of psychologists dedicated to improving the well being of children and adolescents. Each psychologist at MWPH has specialized training in providing a wide range of services to children having behavioral or emotional difficulties.

Staff treat children with conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), mood regulation disorders, autism, social difficulties like bullying, and more. Recommendations are tailored to the specific needs of each child, and psychology providers work closely with the parents, pediatricians, educators, and other mental health practitioners to identify appropriate treatment services for each child.

Ian was diagnosed with moderate-severity autism in May 2015. Through individual and group therapies, plus occupational, physical and speech therapy, Ian is learning to shape his negative behaviors through different play techniques.

Since beginning therapy at MWPH, Ian’s tantrums are less intense and his aggression has decreased considerably. Thanks to group therapy, he can tolerate the structure of school better. He can communicate and show affection to his family. He can sit still longer to complete tasks, and his social skills have improved, too.

Priscila credits his therapists, like Dr. Antonia Girard, for his progress. She says the entire psychology team really cares about Ian; when they come here for therapies, everyone is smiling and happy to see them. “My son is in a place where the people understand and care about him,” she says. “I feel so grateful to be here.”

Before Ian’s therapies, Priscila felt confused because she didn’t understand why Ian behaved the way he did. “They’ve helped me to understand him, to manage him, and learn about his condition, about his behaviors, his fears. He can feel that I can understand him, so that makes him feel better and not as frustrated as before.”

“He can feel what I’m feeling. If I get mad, he gets mad. If I feel frustrated, he’s going to be worse. So if I can control myself, he’s going to be better. And therapies have helped me to be like that.”

“As a mother, it has been difficult to accept Ian’s condition, but with MWPH it has been easier. I know he’s getting better. I know he’s in the perfect place for a better life and future.”

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