Patient Stories

  • James

    James, Jr. was born early at 35 weeks and 4 pounds, 5 ounces. Doctors believed he went without oxygen for a period of time, which may have caused damage to his brain. 
  • Devan

    At the age of 18, Devan Curet would become one of Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital’s oldest patients. After surviving a horrific head-on collision, Devan was lucky to be alive.

  • Kayleigh

    Born more than 3 months prematurely and weighing just 11.64 ounces, Kayleigh Klatt is Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital’s tiniest patient ever. In fact, she is the smallest baby ever born in Maryland to go home, the 27th smallest baby in the U.S. and the 43rd smallest worldwide. 

  • Ian

    Ian began to show behavioral problems at a very young age. He was frustrated, aggressive, self-injurious, and had limited communication and language skills. His mother Priscila Rodriguez, desperate and confused, wanted answers. Her doctor recommended Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH)’s Pediatric Psychology.

  • Nicky and Alvin Mineart


    Nicky Mineart is no stranger to the staff at the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Sleep Center at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH). The 19-year-old has had 10 sleep studies here throughout the years for sleep and breathing issues, including snoring, restless sleep, and daytime sleepiness. 
  • Victoria


    Every new mom expects her world to change when her child arrives. What she doesn’t expect is to welcome her baby 14 weeks early.

  • Quran with Basketball


    When the team at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH) first met Quran Cox, he was overweight and needed to slim down. His father has diabetes and high blood pressure, and his mother, Tawanda Wilkens, worried that Quran was following in his footsteps. So, his primary care physician referred him to MWPH’s Weigh Smart® program.

  • Kokayi

    Three years ago, Kokayi Thomas, an athletic, vibrant and outgoing teenager, was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain stem. Kokayi underwent surgery to remove the tumor, but it resulted in a brain injury that affected Kokayi’s coordination and balance. 
  • Austin

    As an infant, Austin began experiencing feeding issues. He would vomit and throw a tantrum. At 6 months old, when his mom, Erin, introduced solid foods, Austin refused to eat them.
  • Anabel With Mother


    Within an hour of her birth, it was discovered that Anabel was born with a congenital diaphragmic hernia. The condition impacted vital organs, putting the child’s life at risk. At four days old, Anabel had surgery to repair the problem.
  • Tristan with Mom


    Tristan, an eight-year-old ham for the spotlight, had serious ear infections and a delay in speaking as a toddler. Pressure equalizer tubes (or “drainage”) tubes were put in when the family lived in Cincinnati. After a move to Maryland, he was diagnosed with sleep apnea at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital.

  • Max


    Shock Trauma doctors at University of Maryland Medical Center said the percentage of Max surviving the head-on collision with a tree [he was a passenger, wearing a seat belt] was exactly the same as his age.
  • Ashish, Aarev and Sony


    “Our beautiful son was born with what we later found out is Pierre Robin Sequence -- a triad of a small, recessed chin, tongue obstruction, and internal cleft palette,” said Sonia, an elementary school teacher of reading and writing.

  • John and Jacob

    John & Jacob

    Born with an unspecified genetic disorder, Jacob, 11, has been going to MWPH since 2006. He began at the feeding clinic (he now only needs a feeding tube at night) before Angela transferred all of his therapies – physical, occupational, and speech - to the North Baltimore campus: learning to walk on his own and communicate with an electronic tablet.
  • mekhi with aunt priscilla


    Caring for Mekhi (pronounced MAH-kai) has been a hard, slow road - the cheerful young man has already undergone 23 operations to correct a variety of birth defects with more surgeries to come. Three times he has lived at a hospital for a year or longer.
  • Abagail with Mom


    Trading candy for green beans, broccoli and carrots is not defined for Abbie as a diet. The "lifestyle change" began during her annual pre-school physical last summer when the 5’6” middle-school student weighed in at 248 pounds.
  • Jason Wong

    Jason Wong

    Jason at 13 years old was a self-professed "couch potato." As a result of being overweight, he had developed fatty liver disease, and was at risk for diabetes and high cholesterol. Concerned, his doctor referred him to the Weigh Smart® program at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. After listening to the health professionals talk about the serious consequences of obesity, Jason vowed to change his eating and activity habits...