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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital uses water and its properties to perform therapeutic exercise and treatment.

Child Life and Therapeutic Recreation

Child Life and Therapeutic Recreation Specialists at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital focus on the psychosocial, developmental and educational needs of children and promote normal childhood growth and development.

Cognitive Programming

Cognitive programming helps children who, as a result of a brain injury, are coping with cognitive impairments that affect their orientation, planning and organization, problem solving, reasoning, memory and attention.

Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy

The Function Can Be Fun Program at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital provides evaluation and direct skilled intervention for children who suffer with asymmetrical hand usage from various diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, neurological impairments, traumatic brain injury, strokes and brachial plexus palsy injuries.

Occupational Therapy

The primary objective of occupational therapy at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is to improving all performance components of activities of daily living.


Physiatry, also known as physical medicine provides comprehensive evaluation and management of the medical and physical problems associated with pediatric onset disabilities.

Physical Therapy

The overall goal of physical therapy is to maximize each patient’s status and functional mobility, such as transferring, walking and stair-climbing, and to facilitate reintegration into their home and community environment.