Wish List

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Please Note: As a friendly reminder, due to infection prevention policies we ask for NEW TOYS only. Also, no fabric, food-related, or violence-related items. Thank you so much for brightening the lives of our pediatric patients!

Gift Cards to:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Wal-Mart
  • Casual Dining (Chipotle, Panera, Pei Wei, etc.)
  • Regal Cinema in Hunt Valley / AMC Theaters
  • AMF Bowling Alleys
  • Pet Depot

Items Under $5 – Always Needed

  • Small Lightweight Easy-to-Hold Infant Rattles (No Cloth or Fabric)
  • Infant Socks (Preemie–6 months)
  • Infant Bibs
  • Pacifiers (0–6 months)
  • Batteries: AA, C, D
  • Koosh Balls
  • Uno Cards/Playing Cards
  • Goop, Foam, Foam Soap
  • Children's Board Books (English and Spanish)
  • Washable Stamp Pads
  • Matchbox cars


  • Clothing (No zipper–sleepers)
  • Preemie & Newborn Size Clothing
  • 0–3 mos, 3–6 mos, 6–9 mos Clothes
  • Toddler Clothes (12 mos-2T)
  • Socks (Preemie–6 months)
  • Cause & Effect Toys–Pop up, Musical, V–Tech, etc.
  • Toys with Blinking Lights and/or Music
  • All Vinyl Baby Dolls (a diverse assortment is appreciated)
  • Toddler Toys (shape sorters, ring stackers, etc.)
  • Boppy Pillows and Boppy Pillow Covers

School Age/Adolescent

  • Arts and Crafts Supplies–Sand Art Containers, Beads, Tissue Paper, Paint, Fabric Paint, Finger Paint, Sand Art, Puffy Paint, Construction Paper, tie–dye kits, markers, Model Magic
  • Teen Board Games
  • Model Kits
  • Sports Equipment–Sports Balls (Football, Tennis, Basketballs), Nerf or Soft/Light Balls
  • Board Games
  • Action Figures
  • LEGO sets
  • Transformers
  • School supplies
  • Play–Doh
  • Headphones - earbuds and over the ear
  • Coloring books for adolescents or adults
  • Wii U games
  • XBox One games

Adolescent Clothing

Girls and Boys Sizes Adult S–XXL

  • T–Shirts (White and other)
  • Sweatshirts and Sweatpants
  • Pants
  • Shirts
  • Boxers and Underwear
  • Sports Bras
  • Athletic Shorts