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Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
1708 West Rogers Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209-4596
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Main Number: 410-578-8600

Outpatient: 410-367-2222
Inpatient: 410-578-2600

For fax, see fax number under Health Information Management (HIM) in the grid below.

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital at Prince George's Hospital Center
3001 Hospital Drive
Cheverly, MD 20785-9999
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Outpatient: 301-618-6974 (phone); 301-618-6935 (fax)
Inpatient: 301-618-3866 (phone); 301-772-3166 (fax)

Department Phone Number
Main Number 410-578-8600
Child Life and Therapeutic Recreation 410-578-2659
Education School Room 410-578-5137
Financial Counselor: Inpatient 410-578-2625
First Floor Nursing Unit (Baltimore only) 410-578-2670
Foundation/Fund Development 410-578-5040
Health Information Management (HIM): Outpatient*  410-578-5031 | 410-466-4311 fax
Health Information Management (HIM): Inpatient* 410-578-2657 | 410-578-0567 fax
Patient Accounts 410-578-2614
Patient-Family Liaison  410-578-2651
Pharmacy 410-578-5148
Physician Office Secretary  410-578-5202
Privacy Officer 410-578-2635 
Psychology/Neuropsychology 410-578-5080
Public Relations 410-578-5210
Rehabilitation 410-578-5216
Second Floor Nursing Unit (Baltimore only) 410-578-2686
Security/Parking 410-578-2666
Social Work/Care Management   410-578-2641
Special Events 410-578-5032
Volunteer Coordinator 410-578-5151

*Fill out form to release a patient's health information
*View further instructions on how to fill out a release of a patient's health information form (see above).