Videos About Us

  • Kendall and Zachary at the gala

    2018 Storybook Gala Patient Video

    Hear about the stories of two MWPH patients, Kendall and Zachary.

  • outpatient

    Outpatient Services

    A wide variety of outpatient services can be found at MWPH, including sleep studies, psychology, rehab and much more.
  • mwph employees

    Great Employment Opportunities

    Get a sense of what it's like to work with our team of talented, smart and friendly employees!
  • Abilities Adventures 2017

    Abilities Adventures empowers post-brain trauma patients to meet challenges and achieve success in ways they never thought possible.

  • Devan's Story

    At the age of 18, Devan Curet would become one of Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital’s oldest patients. After surviving a horrific head-on collision, Devan was lucky to be alive.

  • Kayleigh's Story

    Born more than 3 months prematurely and weighing just 11.64 ounces, Kayleigh Klatt is Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital’s tiniest patient ever. In fact, she is the smallest baby ever born in Maryland to go home, the 27th smallest baby in the U.S. and the 43rd smallest worldwide. 

  • MWPH Pediatric Complex Care Program

    The Pediatric Complex Care Program transitions children with chronic or complex medical illnesses to home. 
  • MWPH Autism Spectrum Center

    MWPH's Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) services include testing and treatment for children approximately two years old through adolescence.

    Mt. Washington is a very different facility than the intense acute care environment that your child just came from. Our goal, like yours, is to prepare your baby and your family to finally go home together.
  • MWPH Feeding Day Treatment Program

    Austin’s pediatrician recommended Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH)’s Feeding Day Program, an intensive six-week program where Austin would learn to chew, swallow, and keep food down during weekly sessions with a collaborative team of pediatricians, therapists and psychologists.
  • MWPH Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Program

    Kokayi's father turned to Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH)’s outpatient rehabilitation program to continue his son's rehab treatment, where the team is dedicated to helping children recover from injuries and lead more functional, independent lives.
  • MWPH Weigh Smart Program

    The Weigh Smart® program is a multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach to weight management involving medical, nutritional, educational and behavioral components. The goal is to help children acquire healthy eating and exercise habits that will last a lifetime. 
  • The Johns Hopkins Sleep Center at MWPH

    The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Sleep Center at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is pleased to offer comprehensive evaluation and care for children with sleep-disordered breathing and other sleep problems. 
  • Welcome to MWPH

    MWPH is uniquely positioned to take care of your child. Through our wide range of services (offered in Baltimore, in Prince George’s County and in the community), we are here to help your child heal and grow.
  • Power of Hope

    Hope is everywhere at Mt. Washington. Hope perseveres and is a constant within us. The joy, the relief, the rock, the friend, the motivator, the optimism, the strength.

  • Yuba: MWPH’s service dog

    Yuba’s Journey

    Follow MWPH’s service dog as he brings joy to our patients.

  • Happy


    Join family, staff and patients as we dance to the hit song "Happy" and show that next to home.