Volunteer Opportunities

We need the support of caring individuals to carry out our mission

Questions about Volunteering?

If you don't find the volunteer information you're looking for on this page, please contact Angie Wenman, Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator at awenman@mwph.org

Dear Volunteer Candidate:

Thank you for your interest in the volunteer program at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH).

MWPH has been part of children's health care in Baltimore for more than 80 years. We offer inpatient and outpatient care for infants and children with rehabilitation and special medical needs.

Volunteers have always been one of our most important assets. The community's support is important to all hospitals, but is especially important at Mt. Washington because of the medically fragile children we serve. We need the support of caring individuals to help us carry out our mission. Support for the children comes in a variety of forms.

The following steps are part of the volunteer application process:

  1. Download and complete the following documents:
    - Volunteer Application
    - Health Assessment Form*
    - Background Check Consent Form

    *Note: For the health assessment, you DO NOT need to go to your doctor. Complete the form, mail it to your doctor and have the doctor review then sign and return to you.

  2. Return the completed forms to:

    Angie Wenman
    Volunteer Administrative Coordinator
    1708 W. Rogers Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21209

  3. Complete interview with department head (they will call you to schedule).

  4. If selected, attend an orientation with the department head. A Tuberculosis test and a drug screen are required and are free to volunteers.

If you are unable to download the application or are having trouble with the site, you may request a volunteer application by contacting MWPH's Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator, Angie Wenman at awenman@mwph.org. Upon receiving your information, an application packet will be sent to you with the necessary items needed to become a volunteer.

Our minimum age requirement is 16; however, any volunteers working with the patients must be at least 18 years old. Volunteers aged 16 or 17 are accepted for clerical positions and for positions in our outpatient waiting area. We ask for an initial commitment of two (2) hours per week for six (6) months or at least 100 hours if volunteering less than six months.

Thank you again for your interest in Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. We look forward to hearing from you.


Angie Wenman
Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator