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The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Sleep Center at MWPH

Outpatient appointments and program referrals can be made by calling 410-367-2222.

Sleep Disorder Brochure
Brochure (PDF)

Current Patients:

Patients who have a scheduled sleep study must call to confirm or cancel 7 days prior to the study at 443-354-4039.

New Patients:

The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Sleep Center at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is pleased to offer comprehensive evaluation and care for children with sleep-disordered breathing including children with:

A Full Range of Care:

The center has a multi bed state of the art sleep laboratory that operates seven days a week. Our laboratory is dedicated to the care of pediatric patients with highly trained technicians and child-friendly rooms. Each room contains a second bed for a caregiver to spend the night with the child.

If you would like to order a sleep study to evaluate your patient for obstructive sleep apnea without evaluation in our clinic please call our partners at Sleep Services of America at 410-691-3531 or 410-691-3994 with questions.

To assure that the most appropriate study is done in the laboratory it is required that children with the following are seen in clinic prior to a sleep study:

For Referring Physicians:

For Parents of Current Patients:

To best serve you and our patients, please help us with the following prior to your child's sleep study:

For More Information:

Sleeping childTo schedule an appointment in our clinic call 410-955-2035 and ask to make an appointment in The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Sleep Center at Mt.Washington Pediatric Hospital.

Specialized sleep laboratory studies to evaluate children for nighttime seizure activity, gastroesophageal reflux and narcolepsy are also available. Prior evaluation in clinic is required for these studies.