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Tory and Brittancy Everett with Sarah Wayne Callies

The Everett Twins - Living Like Real-Life All Stars

Twin sisters, Tory and Brittany Everett are dealing with separate health issues. While the issues they are dealing with are different, how they are handling their issues is the same -- with lots of courage and support from family and the caregivers at MWPH.

Carye Everett

The Everetts Fight for Families in DC

Carye Everett shares details of the family's participation with Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital during Family Advocacy Day. They were in Washington D.C. to advocate for better medical coverage for kids who have complex medical conditions like Brittany and Tori. Here is her entry on the Children's Hospital Association blog, "With All our Might."

Simone and Shannon Svikhart

Simone Svikhart

Shannon Svikhart of Baltimore posted this blog entry as the family prepared to join Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital for Family Advocacy Day in Washington D.C. this July. The blog, "With All Our Might..." is hosted by the Children's Hospital Association, which represents more than 220 children's hospitals nationwide.

Jason Wong

Jason Wong

Jason at 13 years old was a self-professed "couch potato." As a result of being overweight, he had developed fatty liver disease, and was at risk for diabetes and high cholesterol. Concerned, his doctor referred him to the Weigh Smart® program at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. After listening to the health professionals talk about the serious consequences of obesity, Jason vowed to change his eating and activity habits...

Cierra Foxx

Cierra Foxx

Cierra Foxx first noticed something was wrong while waiting at the bus stop, when her right arm and right leg both went to sleep. By midnight, she was limping. Her grandmother asked her what was wrong, also noticing that she was "talking funny." Her grandmother called 911. Cierra was taken by ambulance to the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. She had suffered a stroke. She was only 17 years old...

Carlee Aluise

Caring for Carlee: The Feeding Day Program Helps a Little Girl Too Afraid to Eat

Ask 7-year-old Carlee Aluise what her favorite food is and she confidently answers "I like macaroni and cheese!" But it wasn’t always that way. When she was a baby and it was time for solid foods, she refused to eat. This had continued for months. By the time she was a year old, Carlee had received a diagnosis of failure to thrive...

Jacob Finglass

Jacob Finglass

Jacob Finglass of Owings Mills had his sights on being the next captain of his high school lacrosse team. However, everything changed for the 17-year-old on April 1, 2010, when he collided with another player and his head snapped back violently. Suddenly, he suffered from a severe headache and nausea. Despite those symptoms, he went back to school the next day...

Rashaad Glasgow

Rashaad Glasgow: A Weigh Smart® Success Story

The Weigh Smart® program is a family-focused program that helps change the lives of children suffering from obesity. Watch the story of one patient, Rashaad Glasgow, who shed over 100 pounds with the help of Weigh Smart®.