Baltimore-area Hospital Volunteer Recognized by President Obama for Hours of Service

For immediate release: September 09, 2014

BALTIMORE, MD – It's not every day that someone receives a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States. But that's what happened recently to David Slotnick of Ellicott City.

Slotnick, who has been the librarian at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital for 25 years, received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award at the gold level for performing more than 500 hours of volunteer service in one year.

"David has been an invaluable asset to the quality of medical care provided at Mt. Washington," says Richard Katz, MD, MPH, MWPH Vice President of Medical Affairs. Most hospitals Mt. Washington's size have closed their libraries and sent everyone to the web or other online sources for information."

Dr. Katz adds, "He assists in research topics for all staff and helps families find appropriate resources. We all value David and his strong spirit of volunteerism."

"Words can't describe all the wonderful services our volunteers provide directly or indirectly to benefit the children," says Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital President and CEO Sheldon Stein.

Mr. Stein adds, "It is important in a hospital with a dedicated but smaller clinical staff to have an up-to-date library that provides the resources our patient care providers need. Because David is here two days a week - rain, snow, sleet or shine - this allows us to use the funds we would've used to pay a librarian to take care of the children - which is the mission of the hospital."

Mr. Slotnick, a retired business owner, also volunteers three days a week at Meals on Wheels. He calls his work in MWPH's library a "labor of love."

"I feel like I'm making a noted contribution," he said. "It is a contribution that would not be afforded by the hospital and people need it."

Other volunteers honored with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award were Bessie Miller of Baltimore at the silver level, and Terry Ardvison of Laurel and Kathleen Lindenstruth of Baltimore at the bronze level.

The President's Volunteer Service Award was created in 2003 to recognize and thank Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to volunteer.

Each year, more than 100 people volunteer on a regular basis at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital.

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