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What does it mean to work at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital?

It means being part of a community of caregivers truly dedicated to providing infants and children with the most complex medical treatment and the highest-quality, multifaceted care. It means working together as a team, learning from some of the finest doctors, therapists, clinicians and nurses in pediatric medicine today. And it means you'll work with patients whose trust...optimism...and spirit will help you learn volumes about yourself.

Sheldon J. Stein Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital President CEO; African-American African American black child pediatric patient; red shirt; red tricycle

Sheldon J. Stein,
President and CEO

Family-centered care has been our hallmark for over 80 years, and is at the very core of our mission. It means you'll find a genuine sense of caring and support here—not only in the daily interactions between our team members and patient families, but also between the members of our multidisciplinary team at all levels.

It means working on the leading edge, with technologies and treatments that draw patients from throughout the region...and across the nation. We are known for our innovative programs in:

  • Neonatal Services, helping pre-term and low birth weight babies gain the strength they need in order to thrive
  • Pediatric Chronic Illnesses for babies and children with diabetes, HIV, feeding disorders, seizures and other serious medical conditions
  • Psychology/Neuropsychology specialty services for psychological and neurological disorders that affect the way a child thinks, behaves and learns
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation for children with chronic lung disease, asthma and other breathing conditions
  • Rehabilitation to help children recover from traumatic injuries, surgery or exacerbation of chronic illnesses
  • Comprehensive inpatient, outpatient and day-treatment programs that help us maximize the rehabilitation and development of our patients and achieve lasting, positive outcomes

Jointly owned and operated by The Johns Hopkins Health System and the University of Maryland Medical System, we provide specialized medical and rehabilitative services often unavailable anywhere else. For example, Mt. Washington has provided rehabilitation services to more children after hemispherectomy surgery than any other facility in the world.

Most of all, it means knowing at the end of every day, that you've made a difference in the life of a child, and to the members of their families. Whether you're a new graduate or seasoned professional, in Nursing or Allied Health, you'll find many opportunities to learn and grow in your career. Join us, and discover the challenge and satisfaction of working at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital.

"The environment is close-knit; it's very much a family atmosphere. And extremely family-focused. I consider my interaction with parents among the most important things I'll do each day. I'm giving them the foundation that they'll build upon so they can take their patient—their child—home. I feel like my career has real impact here. Other hospitals teach patients how to stay alive; we teach them how to live."

David, RN
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