LPN Careers at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

As an LPN at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, you'll experience an environment like no other.

We're a dedicated, passionate team of professionals who are committed to one of the most noble missions of our lives: providing advanced nursing care to our most vulnerable patients. It takes a special kind of person to dedicate their career to pediatric care�to provide healing and support to children and their families�and that's exactly the kind of people you'll work with at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. Our smaller facility offers you the chance to hone your nursing skills and talents in a truly collaborative, multidisciplinary environment, under the clinical direction of a registered nurse.

As a facility that specializes in transitional care, we spend more one-on-one time with patients, and truly get to know them�and their families. We also have an extremely favorable nurse-to-patient ratio, so you can make the kind of connections with your patients that help heal the mind, body and spirit.

Your career satisfaction is our goal.

Whether you're an experienced LPN or are just beginning a career in Pediatric Nursing, join MWPH and discover the true essence of compassionate care.

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Your professional development is our priority.

MWPH offers exclusive training and development programs for our nurses. Our Grow Your Own pediatric specialty nursing training program for all new nursing personnel and Stepping Stones program for new RN graduates will prepare you to provide exceptional care to our special patient population.

Photo of Danielle in scrubs

"My unit coordinators and DON stand behind their nursing staff. They make sure we are updated on any changes and receive proper training�Vents, isolettes, IV pumps, bili lights, glucose machines and feeding pumps are a few of the technologies I use on a daily basis. In fact, the hospital is always updating its technology. We're getting ready to have our entire unit renovated, which I'm very excited about.

It's amazing to watch a patient progress from the day of admission up to discharge. I enjoy helping the families understand their child's condition and teaching special care their child may require once discharged. Many families stay in touch long after the child goes home. It's very rewarding to continue to watch the child grow and accomplish milestones."

Danielle, LPN
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