Videos About Us

  • Welcome to MWPH

    MWPH is uniquely positioned to take care of your child. Through our wide range of services (offered in Baltimore, in Prince George’s County and in the community), we are here to help your child heal and grow.
  • Power of Hope

    Hope is everywhere at Mt. Washington. Hope perseveres and is a constant within us. The joy, the relief, the rock, the friend, the motivator, the optimism, the strength.

  • Yuba: MWPH’s service dog

    Yuba’s Journey

    Follow MWPH’s service dog as he brings joy to our patients.

  • Happy


    Join family, staff and patients as we dance to the hit song "Happy" and show that next to home.
  • Everyday Wonders

    Everyday Wonders

    This video provides an overview of Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, the dedicated staff who work here, and the happy children we serve.
  • Media Clips

    Media Clips

    A collection of clips from local TV stations that featured MWPH.